Fighting on several fronts. Systematic use of misleading metaphors and incongruous juxtapositions have been reported in the southern fringes of the city. An insistence on over-elaborate or deliberately foregrounded structure will usually prove to be the sign of an underlying structural deficiency, although this is not always the case.

An epic in heroic couplets on the themes of sovereignty, the dual body of the monarch and the sublime nature of self-sacrifice in war seems to be a last-ditch attempt by the government units on the eastern side of the river, cut off from their supply lines, to reassert order. So far the epic seems to have been successful. Outbreaks of doggerel, jeering street songs and sarcastic pamphlets have accompanied this action but it is unclear whether these fall into the category of weapons or propaganda.

As always, the government has accused the rebels of resorting to barbaric and forbidden rhetorical devices. State television has depicted the heartbreaking aftermath of a hospital devastated by meiosis. The rebels in their turn argue that the war itself is merely some kind of metaphor.

The realism agent. Very mild doses of the realism agent were found to be beneficial when administered to logistics, planning and IT staff, but large doses quickly produced malaise and low morale, leading in a significant minority of test subjects to debilitating depression. All attempts to deploy a weaponised form of the realism agent against the rebels have failed, possibly due to the difficulty of containment. Many specialist units were lost to the enemy before this line of attack was abandoned.


2 responses to “Despatches

  1. Speaking for the realist shock brigades, we had to destroy postmodernism in order to save it.

  2. Reports of the realism agent being used against the government’s own forces (often by improvised delivery mechanisms based on nonstandard genres) were once dismissed as wild rumours but are now too widespread to be denied.

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