Chocolate money: a modest proposal

Fear of deflation has seen a revival of interest in the Depression-era idea of Stamp Scrip or Freigeld, a form of currency which loses value gradually over time, forcing holders to re-spend their earnings and increase the velocity of money.

I think we can combine this concept with the appeal of a return to the gold standard – always a popular idea in times of crisis – and shift whole economies onto the gold-foil-wrapped chocolate money standard.

  • Chocolate money is shiny, fun and delicious. This is important during a time in which the whole concept of money has become widely unpopular.
  • Chocolate money is difficult to hoard. If it is not quickly recirculated back into the economy, it will either be snacked on late at night or get that yucky pale powdery bloom on it.
  • Chocolate money prevents hyperinflation, as it has intrinsic value. If the price of a sandwich in chocolate dollars becomes too high, you can simply eat the money.
  • Chocolate money will provide an important boost to third world economies.
  • Chocolate money appeals strongly to children. This will encourage and nurture a generation of financiers with hard-headed experience and a real idea of the value of a dollar, who will then grow up to not completely destroy the banking system when it’s their turn. Hopefully.

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