Career opportunities in global drama

A review in verse of Lipsynch, directed by Robert Lepage, produced by Ex Machina and Théâtre Sans Frontières

Something commanding, with a dash of Art,
And lots of opportunities for travel.
Opera’s good. Not sport: we want you smart
And tragic when your life starts to unravel.
A judge or doctor? Brain – no grosser part –
The stethoscope is better than the gavel.
For neurosurgeons can pontificate
On Mind and Soul, Mortality and Fate.

Third class? ¿Habla Inglese? I’ll be brief:
Your role is taken from the hordes of Others.
A sex-trafficked illegal or a thief,
Junkies and alcoholic single mothers.
Your never-ending suffering and grief
Will prove that men (and women) are all brothers.
You’ll be the dark incursion of the Real
Who teaches the commanders how to feel.

The rest of you: this way, please. Cloak your bags,
And switch off any video devices.
Your part is small, but crucial: you’re the dags
With boring jobs and no alarming vices,
Not high enough to plummet from the crags,
But not so low you can’t afford our prices.
This is all for your benefit, you know:
Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the show.


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