Awful Christmas specials – a history

Lucifer’s Fatal Tree; in which is shewn plainly that the Redeeming Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only means of Salvation from the Eternal Torments awaiting those who practice the Heathenish Usages and Wicked License commonly Observed at the Season of His Nativity. Including the Author’s Sermon on the horrible Tree-custom lately introduced from the Rhineland. With 12 Woodcuts
Rev Archibald Watkins
London, Plain Tract Society, 1837

What Do Communists Find in Their Stockings?
Doreen and Carmichael Butt
Little Golden Books, New York, 1965

Beth Got her Womanhood for Christmas
Berkeley Young Adult’s Collective
The Peachstone Press, Berkeley, 1974

A Festival of Reason
Richard Dawkins and the Free Thought Quintet
Spoken-word CD with light jazz accompaniment. Sample track: “No, There Is No Santa (But the Truth is the Best Present of All)”
Bright Recordings, 2006

Daddy, Please Don’t Melt Santa’s House!
Animated telemovie in which little Jaden persuades his parents to carbon-offset their enormous Christmas display. Featuring the vocal talents of Susan Sarandon and Ed Begley, Jr
Foresight Films, 2007


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