Name That Christmas Tune, Mr Spock!

A holarctic, antlered ruminant named for a medieval German king had a snout which was not only rubicund but also extraordinarily scintillating.

Decorate the longitudinal connecting passageways of your residence with branches removed from an evergreen tree bearing glossy, spiked leaves and mildly toxic red berries.

Situated within a container usually dedicated to the presentation of food to domestic quadrupeds, rather than in the more traditional padded woven basket or open cage, the infant offspring of the creator of the universe places in an attitude of repose a cranial appendage which is metaphorically similar to the flavour of crystalline sucrose.

The edible seeds of the tree Castanea sativa, scorched and partially caramelised by a naked flame; the legendary male personification of congealed hydrogen oxide, gently masticating the extremity of your olfactory proboscis.

Tintinnabulate, resonant metal spheres, tintinnabulate, resonant metal spheres, tintinnabulate to the utmost extent of our current trajectory.


3 responses to “Name That Christmas Tune, Mr Spock!

  1. okay, you’ve got me stumped with the berries.

    That’s very very clever!

  2. “lol”, as the kidz say.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I’m not giving these ones away though…

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