Birds of the Sydney area

Dingy ibis Cantankerous and vindictive scavenger, commonly found in waste skips and culverts. The dingy ibis has the remarkable ability to thicken the surrounding air with vapours from its scent glands; without this increased local density, its scraggy wings would have insufficient purchase on the atmosphere and it would be incapable of flight.

Lesser grate An easygoing and gregarious bird, common in marshland but also encountered in suburban backyards, disused tram depots and nightclubs. Its cry has been compared to the sound of a tin bucket being dropped into an empty well.

Rufous rufus Shy, goateed honeyeater with a melodious, wistful call, often accompanying itself on the mandolin.  The rufous rufus can be distinguished from the variegated or common rufus by the fact that it is much more rufous.

Bell’s pterodactyl Nocturnal and secretive, little is known about this “living fossil”. Its call is a deafening antediluvian screech at four o’clock in the morning. Roosts just outside bedroom windows.


One response to “Birds of the Sydney area

  1. I have a fantasy that I am able to grasp the ibis by its wretched beak and thwack it against the ground.

    This is tempting when it is standing on the table eyeing off your lunch.

    Good to know the pterodactyl is still roaming sydney. Excellent.

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