In conversation: ‘deficit’

Last week it was the word that dared not speak its name…
– ABC News, 1/12/2008

But this week, the climate of fear that shrouded Australia during late November 2008 has lifted, and the much-maligned ‘D-word’ has agreed to grant Nannygoat Hill the privilege of a brief interview.

NGH First, let me just say what a pleasure it is to have you here with us today. I know you’ve been very busy lately.

Deficit’ Oh, don’t get me started! [audience laughter] It’s bad enough that I’ve had to run around all the economics blogs. But then when you have to be on the tip of every politician’s tongue….

NGH Ewww.

‘Deficit’ Exactly. Me and… oh, I don’t like to name-drop, but we’re old mates, so, yeah, me and ‘Keynes’ have been absolutely flat chat. Of course it’s a bit easier now that we can speak our names.

NGH There’s something I’m dying to ask: what actually is your name?

‘Deficit’ Gregory. But please, call me Greg.


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