Brian Eno Intervenes

A new reality TV show, in which the celebrated producer and culture theorist visits a different workplace each week. Watch as Brian addresses everyday problems with his unique blend of Cageian wit and wry, cerebral provocation. Having each member of staff invent their own language in which to talk to the customers may not help sales at this boutique, but it’s television magic!

Next week, Brian is in hot water again, after he erases all the files in a murder investigation because “I thought everyone was getting stuck in a rut: it’s impossible to do good creative work when you’re bored, and that’s what I’m seeing here.” Even when he’s being carpeted by Senior Detective Baxter, there’s no shutting Brian up.

“An important murder investigation? So does that mean that you wouldn’t be this angry if you were trying to find out who killed an unimportant person? That’s very interesting, I think this is a very good avenue for us to explore.”


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