Five fictional rock deaths

Bob Wanders, 1938-1973. Songwriter and producer. Died of spinal injuries inflicted when his Laurel Canyon studio, overburdened by the weight of a small chamber orchestra, two pianos and a team of pit-ponies, collapsed into the valley.

Barry Jackson, 1941-1986. Guitarist and songwriter. Accidentally embalmed in the course of a therapeutic blood-transfusion treatment at an exclusive Swiss health spa.

Jonas Tooth AKA Flicker Fusion Threshold, 1968-1993. Ambient musician, producer and DJ. Electrocuted when experimenting with a badly-earthed home-made biofeedback device.

Clement Anderson, 1946-1967. Guitarist. When playing at the UFO Club, inadvertently achieved ego-death 17 minutes into his third solo and voluntarily discorporated.

Ernest “Grits” Dawson, c1930-1964. Drummer. Executed by the State of Kentucky for beating to death a young roadie who had “touched his damn kit.”


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