Five embarrassing yet instructive musical memories

While buying my sister a copy of the Duran Duran tour documentary Sing Blue Silver for her birthday, from the only place I could find it, Metropolis Records in the Pitt Street Mall, I blushed beneath the cool disdain of the Goth girl behind the counter and muttered “It’s for my sister.”

Inspired by seeing the video of “Date with the Night” on Rage, I went looking for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, and not until I was on the bus home from Newtown did I realise that I’d actually bought Hot Hot Heat’s first album.

At one of Ed Kuepper and Jeffery Wegener’s reunion shows in 2005, I failed to recognise the opening chords of “Eternally Yours” and asked “What’s this? It sounds kind of familiar, who’s it by?”

Having not heard anything by Antony and the Johnsons, I borrowed my girlfriend’s copy of I Am a Bird Now and listened with pleasure to the first two tracks, the first of which was a brief instrumental. During the second, I was thinking “Wow, he sounds much more like a girl than I expected. And the production is really nice and old-fashioned.” It was not until the third track started that I realised that I was in fact listening to the soundtrack album of The Royal Tenenbaums, which my girlfriend had inadvertently put back in the wrong case. The second track was “These Days” by Nico.

Hearing some sort of pop with a pleasing string arrangement coming from the next room at a party, I said “Hey, it’s Hot August Night!” It was Nick Drake.


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