Mythical Man-Months

If you’re a dedicated (stalker-level) reader you might have noticed that I’m growing a mo for Movember. But why stop there; there are eleven other months available for charitable purposes and retrosexual irony.

Manuary EITHER homophobic / homosocial banter and horseplay (if straight) OR compulsive promiscuity (if gay)

Celebruary When in bed with your partner, imagine you’re actually fucking a famous person

March Go to war

Aperil Scratch yourself in public

May Avoid commitment

Dune Act like EITHER a surfer OR a science fiction fanboy

Julie Exaggerate number of sexual partners / income / toughness

Fwhoargust Relentlessly comment on attractiveness of female passersby

Sleptember EITHER sleep with your partner’s best friend OR fall asleep after lunch

Cocktober Require constant reassurance about size, performance, duration

D-cember Address womens’ tits rather than their faces


4 responses to “Mythical Man-Months

  1. I’ve signed up for something called Dressember where you wear a dress every day. It would go extremely well with Movember.

  2. Movember followed by Dressember would make a very Victorian end to the year.

  3. I’m currently celebrating Technovember. It’s driving the neighbours crazy.

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