Ghosts of Hyperion

The Forms, the memory of Nature, the Library of Babel, the implicate order, Anima Mundi, the collective unconscious, the plane of immanence, the Ten Thousand Things: and you think that you have a housing shortage on your world. If all the different transcendences didn’t somehow subsume or contain each other (as archetypes or forms or definitions or implications etc.) it would be even worse and I probably wouldn’t even be able to afford the rent on a crater.

I can’t make up my mind what costume to wear for the Halloween party; I was going to go as a creature which can conceive of its own non-existence but then Barry reminded me that Felicity did that last year and I’ve already done going as myself, which is much harder than it sounds. Maybe this year I’ll go as “the third who always walks beside you”, even though it’s a bit corny. I’ll just take the chance that no-one else shows up in the same outfit.

Of course we have Halloween here: every different conceivable version of everyone who ever will live is here, as well as everything else, including Halloween. Talk about All Saint’s Day. The tricky thing would be to not have Halloween.


2 responses to “Ghosts of Hyperion

  1. Your last few posts have been hilarious. More please!

  2. Thanks very much, glad you liked them.

    I’m thinking of making this my version of nanowrimo except that it probably will not reach 50,000 words, and I’m not sure that the results could be called a novel.


    Plus which I’m already growing a mo for Movember.

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