Breakfast on Hyperion

Zurek and Paz calculate (not recently — this is fun, not breaking news) that if Hyperion were isolated from the rest of the universe, it would evolve into a non-localized quantum state over a period of about 20 years. It’s an impressive example of quantum uncertainty on a macroscopic scale. –Cosmic Variance

Pushing my head through a few layers of rubble, I rested against the crumbly wall of my crater to enjoy the dawn. The sun rose in the south, hesitated, coughed and set very quickly again a couple of degrees west. It then smeared itself underneath the sky and sent a lazy ribbon spiralling east-nor-east, behind Big Lump, which is where east-nor-east has been for the last few weeks.

It promised to be a beautiful day, bright and sunny but with only a hint of decoherence. A neatly laid table set with silver cutlery and fresh white bistro linen appeared next to the crater. It held a plate of soft poached eggs, two buttered muffins, a silver pitcher of hollandaise sauce, a pot of freshly made tea and the mummified head of a bull giraffe. I rearranged the dusty debris of the crater wall into a comfortable beanbag shape – I don’t know how people can live on non-porous worlds, it’s really very convenient and cozy as long as you remember not to breathe in when your mouth is covered – unfolded my napkin and politely tossed the giraffe’s head towards the southern horizon. It spun gently for a while, silhouetted against the Rings, and then blossomed into an impressive brown and yellow aurora.

There was a small frog where the yolk of the second egg should have been. It turned out to be slightly overdone, but you can’t expect everything to be perfect.


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