Man On Wire

I don’t get on well with heights. It’s not like I object to them on principle, they’re obviously needed to prevent the place being cluttered up with birds and aeroplanes and the tops of mountains and so on, but it’s better for everyone if we are kept apart.

Fig 1: a Height
Fig 2: my involuntary Reaction

So I was expecting to have to watch most of Man On Wire through my fingers, since it’s about an enterprising French fellow who wirewalked between the towers of the Word Trade Center, but it wasn’t quite as excruciating as I thought it would be, although I swore more often than I usually do when watching a movie. The relief when he finally got to do the walk, after lots of agonising preparation and hiding from guards, was pretty exhilarating, and the walk itself was incredible. I would have liked more info about his co-conspirators, and how he felt in the months afterwards, but it was still worth seeing on the big screen.

In addition to fear of heights I also have fear of Gymnopedie no. 1 but unfortunately this didn’t lead to any tension-release exhilaration, just annoyance that people are still using it as a cheap way of adding instant poetry to a soundtrack.


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