I was going to buy a Herald last week because, let’s face it, the news is pretty interesting at the moment, but stopped when I saw a banner blurb for a Paul Sheehan article about “sexual twilight” or something equally creepy-looking.

Talking about it with C later, she mentioned an article in the Spectrum section where the journalist bought rancid croissants in a classy bakery and then just couldn’t get the rancid taste out of his or it might have been her mouth. Creepy, fascinated disgust seems to be the basic emotional tone at Fairfax right now. I think I find “porn culture” less repellent than the middle class carefully holding what it labels “porn culture” at arm’s length and having a good old squirm about it. Although isn’t it usually the thing being held at arm’s length which squirms? My metaphors are not serving me well this week. Anyhow, WordPress has polls now, so:


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