Nick Cave and I were teammates in a cooking gameshow a bit like Ready Set Cook but each team has one celebrity and one non and we had to decide on the menu. We were making a terrine by stacking slices of ham in a dish, which seemed unlikely to work out well since all we were putting in was ham. But I’d forgotten about the warm roast vegetable salad which was hidden in the bottom of the terrine dish: it made all the difference, and we won.

That dream reminded me of the Grinderman album, which perhaps surprisingly is the first thing by Nick Cave I’ve ever bought. Actually not that surprising: when I was young, Mr Cave was so ubiquitous that I didn’t really need to buy any of his stuff in order to hear it, and then when I was less young he turned into some sort of crooner. Grinderman is a lot of fun, and when I thought I’d gotten sick of it I started listening to it all over again.

Last week I was home looking after Sasha on Thursday, and then home sick with Sasha on Friday. Father’s Day was excellent: C helped the girls make me breakfast in bed and I got the Flight of the Conchords DVD.


2 responses to “Grinderman

  1. I’m quite keen on the Drones, who are sort of sub-Cavian. Do you know them?

  2. I’d only heard of them. Just listening to a selection of mp3s from their website, and it’s good stuff.

    Any band who pick ‘Cortez the Killer’ as their Neil Young cover is ok by me.

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