Marjane Satrapi (comic); Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parronaud (film)

I can’t decide if it worked better as a comic or as a film. The music was great, both the original score and the use of Western pop, especially the Iron Maiden, and Marjane getting over her depression to the accompaniment of her voice actor goofily singing “Eye of the Tiger” in English, because recovering from depression is inherently daggy, otherwise why would it be so difficult to do when you’re a teenager?

The film uses colour for the present-day framing sequence and then black and white for Marjane’s memories, which I think was a mistake, because I hate the “b&w for memories and dream sequences” cliché.

I didn’t know that French airports had such sarcastic names.


2 responses to “Persepolis

  1. Not only is it snarky, it is in Roissy, slap bang where the chateau was in the Story of O. We missed a connection coming back from Ireland one time and overnighted at a Best Western there. I kept looking around for dwarves with whips 🙂

  2. DUH. No, that is Charles de Gaulle. Sacre bleu!

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