DVD night

Watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres, and then Batman Begins is doing it in the wrong order, because after ATHF I wouldn’t have been able to take any origin story seriously, even one which wasn’t being bogged down by the terminal Liam Neeson. Pretty glaciers, though.

I only became aware of ATHF because the Kleptone’s excellent Queen mashup album A Night at the Hip-Hopera has a couple of samples of the Mooninites’ dialogue scattered here and there, and they make me giggle helplessly. The DVD commentary features Patti Smith, who had nothing to do with the movie but seems to be a big fan of the show, talking about how Godardian the opening sequences are. Yeah, that Patti Smith. Neil Peart of Rush is actually in the movie, as himself, but I had to look him up to remember who he was.


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