Come on, you knew I couldn’t have been serious when I said only one more post about the Olympics. Actually I was, but how could I not bring your attention to this word, from the front page of the SMH:

“The winningmost athelete in Olympic history”


Also, every time Channel 7 report on something they think is a bit dud about the Games, like the lip-syncing girl or the CGI fireworks, they start off with some wisecracks about how China has a reputation for making cheap and nasty manufactured goods.

Guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but to a first approximation, EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA.

We in the West don’t make Things anymore, not since we realised that it leads to Trade Unionism and self-respect and is generally inimical to capitalism.


One response to “Winningmost

  1. ‘Winningmost’ is like the sendups of journalese in Scoop.

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