Nostalgie de la boue

The girls are all writing comic series now, and they each have favourite songs which, when they come on the CD player, they will use as the soundtrack to a little private movie or scene involving their characters. Grace christened this procedure “going into a trance”: she announces this if, for example, Madness’ “It Must Be Love” or Super Furry Animals’ “Do Or Die” start, as a warning that she’s going to be zoned out for a couple of minutes. But they all do it now.

We’re listening to Scissor Sisters on the way home and when “Filthy/Gorgeous” starts, Sasha says:

“Going into a trance now. This is the bit where Chip is in love with his girlfriend, but then he realises that she’s kind of gross.”

“What do you mean… gross?” (thinks: have I been too relaxed about this record? My favourite song when I was their age was “Walk on the Wild Side”.)

“She likes sticking her finger in dinosaur poo, and rolling around in mud: you know, stuff like that. But then he realises that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”


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