On the weekend we took the girls up to the Blue Mountains for a barbecue at C’s brother’s place at Springwood, where they bounced endlessly on the trampoline and saw a bucket of possums, and where I ate too much cheesecake. C and I watched Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story – John C Reilly is very funny and can sing, but I laughed harder at the special features than at most of the film. We then watched Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher, which is pretty jaw-dropping; under C’s influence, I’m becoming a bit of a Haneke fan; we saw Hidden a couple of weeks ago. We also got caught in the rain.

Ms C's victory

And C completely kicked my arse at Scrabble, 452 to 233: she got all her tiles down twice in the first four turns. The rude word is mine, but can you blame me?


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