Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book

Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book

I picked this up at Reverse Garbage a few years ago. “Everyday meals with a tropic holiday flavour” is a bit of a contradiction in terms, but there’s nothing “everyday” about anything in this book, unless you live in a nuclear fallout shelter in Queensland and have used up all the beans.

I’d like to apologise in advance for the next scan to any of my readers who are vegetarians. Or pineapples.

Sunny Sausages

More, and worse, at Flickr.


9 responses to “Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book

  1. That is fabulous: I remember a time when it was illegal to serve food in Queensland without a pineapple ring.
    I’ve recently been experimenting with a Women’s Weekly cookbook from the very early eighties. Creme de Menthe Jellies, anyone?
    Reverse Grabage is an awesome store.

  2. I got given a 21st century edition of a Woman’s Weekly cookbook a few years back, and I was so disappointed: it’s full of tryhard cafe-fusion rubbish, like Thai Risotto.

    Bring back the days of Billy Kee Chicken and Creme de Menthe Jellies, I say.

  3. I could really go a Creme de Menthe jelly right now.

  4. haaaaaaaaah

    pineapple rings: how have I coped so long without them?

  5. As a youngest in the 1970’s I was given the responsibility of tending the parsley plants (REAL butcher’s window parsley not that fancy continental stuff). Every house grew parlsey back then.

    There was a real art to keep the stuff from going to seed.

    I always dreaded finding it on my plate though.

    It was not until I tried Tabbouli at Uni in the mid 80’s that it all made sense.

    Ham steaks and Pineapple rings was the natural accompaniment to a prawn cocktail.

  6. As Ogden Nash said, “Parsey / Is gharsley”

    I want to know which came first: the flat-leafed or the green-pubes variety. Did some gardener decide that parsley was too tasty, and start selective breeding for a variety which was blander, and better at holding grit?

    When I was a kid butchers-window parsley always seemed to have some of the garden in it.

  7. I have been looking for this Cookbook for Years
    because My Mother had it, and I love the Frangapani Pie

  8. I have been looking for this Cookbook for years
    because My Mother used to have it
    and I love the Recipes.
    Christine Drury Swan- Hill,

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