Name chains

I thought of this game on the bus home yesterday, because I was missing my copy of The Ambassadors, which I had left at C’s place.

O. Henry James Joyce Cary A. Nation

It started out as just authors, but I think that’s too restrictive.

George Michael Jackson Pollock

Noms de plume are allowed, in fact compulsory, because you have to use the name they are best known by…

John Dee H Lawrence Hargreaves

…and homophones, and all other groaners, are positively encouraged.

Calamity Jane Austen Tayshus

Sudden shifts of register are good, but sticking to a single domain is also prized:

Les Paul Simon Le Bon Scott Joplin

Should partial name matches be allowed? I’m not sure.

Chow Yun-Fat Boy Slim Dusty Springfield

The game needs a name. I thought of ‘Henry James’ or ‘Dylan’: any other suggestions?

Bob Dylan Thomas Mann Ray Charles Mingus


2 responses to “Name chains

  1. The The Jam Master J Westlife of Brian Wilson Pickett?

  2. Hmmm, titles and band names make it a bit less frustrating.

    Although titles longer than two-three words seem to break the spirit of the thing:

    Nothing Compares 2 U Can Call Me Al Gore Vidal Sassoon

    And ‘Westlife of Brian’ has convinced me that partial matches are OK.

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