The Dark Knight

Reviews of The Dark Knight: a glossary

Forget about the old, camp, 60s Batman!1 Today’s Batman has themes,2 issues,3 character development4 and dark moral complexity!5 Ps. lots of Oscar buzz around Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker!6

1 “movie reviewer secret code” for “I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m reviewing a Batman movie”

2 a tank

3 an implausibly large-breasted ballerina girlfriend

4 everyone refers to him as ‘the batman’ instead of ‘Batman’

5 Batman – sorry, the Batman – is a sonofabitch. But he’s always right, because even when he’s kind of evil, it’s because he has to be. HAS TO.

6 Ledger’s really good, and so is the movie. It’s the best blockbuster I’ve seen in years, although it gets a bit confusing and noisy around the fourth or fifth hour, and has no actual moral complexity (see footnote 5). I still miss Eartha Kitt.


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