The Crest

On Saturday I needed to take the car to Granville for a replacement radio. I walked up to Parramatta to get some coffee and it turned into a bit of an architectural photo-shoot, which I continued on the drive home.


The Crest, on Blaxcell Street in Granville, was my favourite building in the whole world when I was a kid, and it’s still pretty high on the list. Local legend had it that Paul Hogan used to go to the movies there when he was a kid.


The big sign with the letters in roundels used to spell out HOYTS. I have no idea if ’roundel’ is the right word for them. Sometime in the 90s it was changed to BINGO. The current occupants have added a sixth roundel to allow them to spell BLOUZA, which is the name of a village in Lebanon. I don’t know if this violates whatever heritage order the building is under, but I didn’t actually notice the change until I was looking at the photos when I got home and noticed that BLOUZA has one more letter than BINGO.

I’ve only just noticed that the new blog layout cuts off Flickr’s ‘Medium’ photo size.


3 responses to “The Crest

  1. Is that the Parramatta Hoyts? with that name on it?

    gah, my grandma took me there to the movies. Perhaps time has blurred its appearance in my head but I would never have recognised it.

    hmm. Actually, I could be thinking of the Roxy (?)

    In any case, it looks horribly unfamiliar. But a great photo.

  2. Nah the Crest is on Blaxcell St in Granville. It hasn’t been used as a cinema for a very long time.

    You probably are thinking of the Roxy, which is in Parramatta, and which I think has reopened as a cinema (plus some sort of “entertainment precinct’). The Roxy’s a Deco building but much larger and squarer.

  3. I’m an idiot, I missed the first line.

    Yes I am thinking of the Roxy.

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