Carbon capture

Tidied the twins’ bedroom yesterday and did a toy purge. There’s now a big shopping bag full of plastic promotional crap, mostly but by no means all from McDonalds, sitting in my loungeroom, so it wasn’t a particularly brutal purge. I’d advise all prospective parents to never let a plastic toy smaller than a softball into your home; it’s a slippery slope and eventually you will be devoting a considerable portion of your life picking them up, wading through them or stepping on them in the darkness.

At least they are locking up some carbon, although who knows whether the manufacture and transport of the trinkets released just as much CO2 into the atmosphere, not to mention my metabolic activity and swearing as I gathered them all up.

WordPress’ spellchecker cannot deal with ‘loungeroom’, which reminds me of the fact that my phone’s predictive texting could not spell ‘babysitting’, ‘loungeroom’, ‘housework’ or ‘vacuuming’ until I added them to its dictionary. My previous phone couldn’t spell ‘housework’ either, but once suggested ‘werewolves’ as a potential spelling of something (can’t remember what). This struck me as indicative of something about techie culture: infantile, nerdy, unwilling to pick up after itself.

Oh, stop grumbling: tidying up was really satisfying, and the rest of the weekend was even better.


One response to “Carbon capture

  1. you shoukd orward all those little plastic toys to one Jane Gillings, sculptor, who will rebirth them as wonderful sculptures.

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