Sonny Rollins

Sydney Opera House, 1st June

Here’s a terrible post about a fascinating phenomenon: astronauts report a sensation of connectedness with the universe, (what my Great Aunt Nona would call ‘cosmic consciousness’) when they’re orbiting the Earth. Starting from this engaging idea, which I’d describe as Ballardian if it weren’t so upbeat, the writer then falls face-first into a puddle of hippy dribble about quantum physics and spirituality.

The people concerned had the privilege of being able to see the world, that abstract object, in a single glance. It’s quite wonderful that they feel a euphoric sense of the interconnectedness of all things, but it’s also easy to understand why they would. There’s no need for all the scientistic superstition that the rest of the article traffics in, unless you want to avoid thinking about what the experience would actually mean to the participants, which in a perverse way is one of the things science and superstition have in common.

I’m not sure that I can write about the Sonny Rollins show on Sunday night without resorting to mystical bullshit, but I’ll just say that the fact that a seventy-seven year old guy could get up there and play two hours of coruscatingly beautiful, powerful music is inspiring enough.


One response to “Sonny Rollins

  1. It was a privilege to be there to see Sonny!

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