Dan Hill interviews Steve Kulack of Title, my favourite book/music/film store, and a great way to get rid of a lot of money at once. It’s a bit disorienting, the way he describes an indie record store in the language of right-thinking progressive globalisation: “It also shows the value of cultural businesses – local and global at the same time, hooked into local networks of producers and consumers as intermediaries” usw. Not exactly rock and roll, then.

The missing part of the article is the back story about how Sydney has far fewer such stores now than it did twenty years ago. The remarkable thing about Title is that it doesn’t feel like an outpost of a past era, which is why I like it more than Red Eye.

Meanwhile, back in Earlwood, a vibrant, cross-generational cultural exchange of hairstyle intermediation was successfully negotiated, resulting in both significant value-adding to the dance festival experience and positive feedback from peer groups:

O: Hey, I thought you said your Dad couldn’t do plaits!


O: They’re really good.

Me: Thanks.


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