Eurovision 2008: five word reviews

Romania sorry, I don’t remember you
UK a serious entry! Still bombed
Albania I don’t remember Albania either
Germany “redhead”, get a better wig
Armenia nice tassels on the dress
Bosnia-Herzegovina knitters, dork and apple tart
Israel nice arms, high-pitched voice
Finland we Rock! better than Lordi
Croatia gosh that dancer is limber
Poland a string quartet: bad sign
Iceland what’s with the pink shoes?
Turkey but we Rock better still!
Portugal the wind-machine is cruel
Latvia were there really Baltic pirates?
Sweden man or plastic surgery disaster?
Denmark Like Racey, except not racey
Georgia the singer is blind, perhaps
Ukraine Shady Lady’s box-o’-boys
France your beards won’t save you
Azerbaijian angels versus devils! Good falsetto
Greece seems like a nice girl
Spain from a kids’ show, right?
Serbia 2007’s mannish girl was better
Russia charisma! A fiddle! Ice-dancing!
Norway nice blondes in midnight blue


2 responses to “Eurovision 2008: five word reviews

  1. All bands need ice skaters

  2. haha so funny! I remember each one so well even though it was a year ago!

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