X redundant 24th letter of Standard Galactic Roman alphabet. According to an ancient tradition dating back to the 1970s, alien species may spell their names with an ‘x’ once they have reached a certain level of civilizational advancement. For a species to do so before it has built and abandoned at least three enigmatic megastructures is regarded as poor form.

xap sound made by most alien weapons

Xealotry one of the three dominant alien religions; highly evangelical and warlike

xebra alien analogue to the Earth zebra. Neither a black animal with white stripes nor a white animal with black stripes; the xebra’s stripes go all the way through to the middle

Xen alien religion, associated with sessile species who evolved in tide pools or swamps; its scriptures consist mostly of of gnomic riddles and imprecations

xest quality of relish in an alien umwelt; related to xip, xing and pixxaxx

xither alien musical instrument, usually accompanied by the zylophone

xoo facility for the observation and study of alien species

xoot suit flexible two-piece membrane which protects its wearer in a broad range of environments, ranging from hard vacuum to jumpin’ juke joints

Xoroastrianism very widespread alien religion with a strong and somewhat pedantic regard for ‘cosmic balance’

xucchini alien curcurbit, found throughout the known Galaxy, commonly used as an ingredient in pasta sauce or as a pixxa topping


One response to “Xenoglossary

  1. xrayspex – pectoral muscles of an alien yabby

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