Slang 2008

random – adj., weird, unexpected; n., an unknown or unexpected person. I’ve heard adults complain about this but as it seems to be old hacker slang filtering into the mainstream I’m perfectly okay with it. And “Dad, you’re so random sometimes” is undeniably true.

chat – adj., unbearably gross, offensive. “Oh, yuck, that’s chat!” is a common response to another kid saying or doing something deliberately putrid. None of my girls can explain its origins. Perhaps from “chatroom”? It would be unsurprising if the net were to act as a metaphor for the general concept of disgust.

versev.t., to take part in a one-on-one contest, especially on a console game. “I’m versing someone at Mathletics.” “Can I verse you next?” Probably a back-formation from “versus”, I reckon this one has staying power, since there’s no really good succinct alternative.


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