Mac U Library

Check out the italicised text at the bottom of this call for reminiscences about the Macquarie University library. My memories of the library are mostly about how we were allowed to smoke in the reading room on the top floor, which lead to it being a popular location for both last-minute essay writing bouts and desperate attempts to impress girls with mordant wit.

It was there that I wrote an essay about phenomenology which got a surprisingly high mark. It is a subject about which I can now recall nothing. Who knows but that there may yet linger a few shreds of Bank tobacco between the pages of one of the library’s copies of Merleau-Ponty.


2 responses to “Mac U Library

  1. OMG>

    I am Currently re-ploughing through that very book. Isn’t that weird?

    I am frightfully obtuse when it comes to this topic. I certainly couldn’t write an essay on it, if you would care to help me with two paragraphs I will shout you a coffee or ten. I’m serious. I feel like such a dunce.

    I have my own copy and all that is between the pages is probably dinner-droppings.

  2. Well, as I said, all I can remember about phenomenology is that Merleau-Ponty was mixed up with it somehow, and also that I don’t think I really got it at the time. But you can send me the two paragraphs anyway and I’ll see if I can help. My email is

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