Ruben Guthrie

Written by Brendan Cowell, directed by Wayne Brady, with Megan Drury, Tracy Mann, Lex Marinos, Torquil Neilson, Sam Reed, Toby Schmitz and Christopher Stollery. Downstairs at Belvoir St, 25th April

A very funny and well-written play. Eastern Suburbs party boy tries to kick the bottle and in the process miraculously avoids almost all of the terrible plot traps and clichés entailed in the premise. The exception being the older male characters: all Aussie bloke stereotypes, but the performances were so good it didn’t matter too much.

It manages to get some really good barbs into both Australian drinking culture and the 12-step lifestyle, and there’s a great speech about a good Zinfandel that made me want to rush out and buy a case of the stuff.

If they can make it into a movie without wrecking it, it will be one of the great Australian film comedies, but it uses the stage so well I’m not too sure if that will happen.


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