Music to plot world domination to

So The IT Crowd second series seems to have settled into variations on almost gay panic jokes, you know, the one where the straight guys are acting like they’re a married couple, either that or there’s a gay guy who doesn’t realise he’s gay even though he’s every gay stereotype, which makes it OK to laugh at the stereotypes, apparently.

But. The one with the German cannibal who plays the cello reminded me of the old trope (I first noticed it in Silence of the Lambs but I suspect it dates back to Dracula or something) that a love for classical music denotes a particularly hyperintelligent form of Evil. Remember those ABC Classical collections called Swoon which are aimed at people who want to be all pre-Raphaelite and rapt etc? Well, what about a series of pop-classics for people who aspire to being an evil genius? Some Mozart, the fourth Bartok string quartet, bit of Shostakovich, Also Sprach Zarathustra. I think I’m onto something here.


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