Flaws in the Glass

Backlog of tiny reviews 5

Oh, this is such a good memoir, even though it is quite nasty to Sidney Nolan, but, still, – wait, no, please don’t do that, please don’t write about the Greek islands, you know that no English-speaking writer can do it and not be embarrassing… No, really, don’t do it, don’t start complaining about the tourists – and don’t – please, God, no – don’t start whinging about how awful it is that the Greeks have all moved to modern apartments in Athens (or, worse, Sydney), instead of staying on their islands and being picturesque peasants! Please! – don’t – just, let Manoly write this part, or something… Patrick! Damnit!


3 responses to “Flaws in the Glass

  1. The Greece bit of The Vivisector was pretty crap, too.

  2. Sorry for the ongoing Sarah Caudwell OBSESSION, but huge chunks of this are set on a Greek Island and those chunks, they do not blow.

  3. It’s quite plausible that Bad Greek Island Writing is a disease that’s only expressed on the Y chromosome. Who knows, it may well be a related condition to explaining things.

    Laura: yeah, the Greek bits of Flaws aren’t as bad as Hero and Hurtle on Patmos. Except for when he refers to that section when he and Manoly are on Patmos and I remembered it all over again.

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