On the other hand

I don’t think I really expect to ever see the Coalition give any kind of support to an apology to the Stolen Generations, so I shouldn’t be too schadenfreudey and churlish about it.

It certainly makes me feel better than the levels of coverage which the US primaries are receiving in the Australian media. Something I remember from cognitive-behavioural therapy: excessive dwelling upon circumstances which are beyond one’s control is a very common item in the depressive thought-pattern repertoire. I know that these things don’t just scale up, but obsessive interest with the minutiae of another country’s democracy strikes me as somehow unhealthy, or perhaps the exact term I am hunting for here is ‘tryhard’.

There are probably a lot more West Wing fans out there than I realise, and also my mood has been less than 100% lately, so I could just be projecting.


2 responses to “On the other hand

  1. I agree that the blanket coverage of the US primaries/caucuses/whatsits in all the news outlets is rather disconcerting.

    It has been a lot more intense than in the past, which I assume is due to the unique Democratic candidates: first woman chancer, first black chancer.

    I have been quite casual about my interest until recently and was quite surprised by the vehement pro-Clinton response I had from a friend when I mentioned I favoured Obama.

    The outcome has an impact over here so I guess we have a reason to be engaged with the process.

  2. Yeah, you’re right, and I’m not at all immune to the excitement of the Democrat race. But I also find the futility of our engagement (we are, in the final analysis, spectators) to be fairly depressing, and the more coverage our media gives it, the more futile it seems.

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