Two record stores: purchases

I haven’t been in such a record-buying mood since I was a student. Partly this is coincidence: the conjunction of visiting two very pleasant record stores with some Christmas and birthday-present money – but there’s something going on with my mind which requires stocking of the back-catalogue.

Rock Factory, Batemans Bay. Comfortingly classics-oriented – I like a record store where one can find the first Boston album or a Journey best-of, even though I will never buy either of those. Tim Buckley, Greetings from L.A; Blondie, Greatest HIts (the only Blondie best-of I’ve seen with “Union City Blue” on it); Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde; Eurythmics, Ultimate Collection

Title, Crown St, Surry Hills. This record store is a lot like my collection would be if I had unlimited amounts of money and space. Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, Bonnie and Clyde; The Stooges, The Stooges; Tactics, The Sound of the Sound Vol 1 – My Houdini, Glebe & More. The liner notes for the latter are so bitter that reading them almost made me regret buying it, but then I listened to a bit of the first CD and realised that it wasn’t a mistake after all.


One response to “Two record stores: purchases

  1. I thought Rock Factory was the album and Batemans Bay the band. I’m still thinking how awesome that would be. Could we pay Eddie Keupper to do it for us?

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