Sore winners and swear bears

The best way I can express my feelings about left critics of Kevin – already! Honestly, sometimes I feel like we’re as foolish as the conservatives think we are – is to recycle part of my email to P, who was reporting what sounded like an abysmal whingefest as Philip Adams interviewed Michael Leunig on Radio National.

“…deep down they probably just miss Keating – which I can understand, he was a much more charismatic and entertaining politician than Rudd – but if he were in power now he’d certainly be running exactly the same line on the economy. And Keating was box office poison to everyone else in the country. There comes a point when you have to say – do I want my party in government so that I can get my jollies watching Paul the swear bear, or because I think they are actually the better alternative?”

And speaking of profanity, 2007 will go down in history as the election when the Coalition overtook the ALP in the swear bear stakes. Previously, conservative swearing had been kept behind closed doors – only occasionally leaking out via eavesdropped cellphone conversations – sorry, ‘carphone’, as we quaintly called them back in those days – but the old divide between the prim and proper Libs and foul-mouthed Labor has been thrown out the fucking window. And it’s not just Tony Abbott: check out Alexander Downer’s form as reported in The Australian today:

‘Tired’ PM neutered cabinet

And stil speaking of profanity, this is absolutely brilliant:

Language Log: The Etiology and Elaboration of a Flagrant Mistranslation


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