Last night in Dublin


My last full day in Dublin: the Guinness storehouse tour in the morning, which was like Willy Wonka’s Porter Factory. I quite like how they manage to have a rather anemic safe-consumption-of-alcohol exhibit, juxtaposed with an entire floor of the old-fashioned “Guinness Is Good For You” advertising.

Lunch at Phoenix Park. I now know what the mysterious act of indecency committed by HCE in Finnegans Wake was: presumably he’d got sick of looking for a toilet, and, finding that the tearooms were closed, went behind a tree.

In the afternoon, I went to the Book of Kells at Trinity College. It’s beautiful, but the Long Room upstairs is better, and the smell of old manuscripts is intoxicating.

For dinner, I met up with yatima’s old friend D – having been introduced via email a month or so earlier – and went for sushi (featuring the admirable concept of all you can eat in 55m; does anywhere in Sydney do this?) and a sample tray of beers at the Porterhouse.


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