Dinner in Glasgow

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Irn-Bru is a lot like creaming soda with a dash of tonic water and caffeine. Haggis is like meat and tastiness porridge. I can’t remember if the Magic Pudding ever manifests itself as haggis, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t. Now that we’ve had a gourmet cupcake revival, I look forward to a puddin’ renaissance.

I tried to see the Alasdair Gray murals at the Ubiquitous Chip but the dining room was closed. So J and I went to Òran Mór and one of the waiters let us up to the function room to see his murals there. I don’t think the photos I took of them came out very well; I need more practice with my new camera.

All the Glasgow photos 


One response to “Dinner in Glasgow

  1. God Mike, that looks incredibly disgusting!

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