The Wheel and the Fort

Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel was even better than I expected it would be. The unexpected highlight was wandering up into the hills above the Wheel in search of the Roman fort, getting slightly lost, and then finding it.

Rough Castle Fort

More photos of the wheel and the fort

Dinner that night back in Edinburgh: Home Bistro. By this stage of the trip I was feeling seriously overfed from the B&B breakfasts and restaurant dinners, and I’d told myself to stick to just one course, but couldn’t resist the savoury baked cheesecake with Stilton, followed by a fish pie (mackerel and salmon, mostly), all of which were great.

I think it was around this stage of the trip that I watched a full episode of the brilliant and lovable Flight of the Conchords and told myself “I hope free-to-air back in Australia doesn’t stuff this show around”. No such luck: according to Time Out Sydney, Channel 10 have bought the local rights and are sitting on it because they’re worried that too many people have seen it on YouTube. Australian media seem to be waking up to the fact that their traditional role as gatekeeper is over: it’s a shame that their response to this seems to be that they’re going to sulk themselves to death.


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