Lee Miller at the V&A

I was going to keep it to one blog post per city, but I keep forgetting to mention things like the strange record store I found in Oxford which seemed to have been frozen in time at the start of the CD era – all vinyl, racks full of indie bands like the Woodentops, quaint category names (“RAP”, “NEW WAVE”) – and that would be a shame. So I’m going to do one blog post per day of trip.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anywhere to mention the excellent Lee Miller exhibition which I saw at the V&A on Tuesday once I was back in London. Because there was so much stuff in the Miller show, I couldn’t really do justice to the rest of the museum. I did manage to find Sir Watkyn Bassett’s cow-creamer in the silver section, but that was a happy accident.


On the way back I went to Harrods. It was less snooty than the David Jones foodhall in Sydney.


2 responses to “Lee Miller at the V&A

  1. Are you sure you didn’t go to ‘Arrods? Harrods requires one to be known, on the register, and fucking a royal.

  2. I may have got treated with more obsequiousness than I would have expected because a functionary smashed a pot of marmalade in the aisle in which I was browsing.

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