Sydney precinct bingo

More examples of Sydney precinct themes. Street names in a new town like Sydney are an open invitation for this kind of nerdy commemoration: like the names of computers in labs, suites in certain hotels, or sports houses in schools, a theme is distributed over an array or set of interchangeable items.

Over time, these themes build up and overlap. The original Sydney theme – George, Pitt, William, Castlereagh – is a knot of Regency political figures, like the villains of a Shelley poem, which repeat themselves across the city in different orientations (the CBD, Parramatta, etc) Some precincts are only hypothetical; when I see the streets named for Shaw, Addison, Macaulay, Clarendon and Tupper which are scattered across Stanmore, Marrickville and Petersham, I wonder if this is the relic of an English literature precinct or only a coincidence.

From this perspective, living in Sydney is a process of collecting sets of collections, each with its own set of personal connotations and meanings.

Greystanes – flowers

Killarney Heights – Irish place names

Engadine – battlefields

Engadine – composers

Revesby – astronomy

Greenacre – Classical deities


One response to “Sydney precinct bingo

  1. One of the most profoundly weird things about Ireland was that everywhere was named after streets in Killarney Heights, the scenes of my youthful idiocy.

    London’s like that only more so; it was obviously built as a series of stage sets for the biographies of people who lived in London…

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