Tromatic Reflexxions

Von Südenfed

What I was expecting from this collaboration between the Fall’s Mark E Smith and German techno duo Mouse on Mars:

  • a CD-length mashup between two amusingly mismatched artists;
  • MES’ obsession with corny Teutonicism getting the best of him on at least one track (“Speech Contamination/German Fear of Osterreich”);
  • a drunken semi-visionary ranting over professionally goofy squelches and drum loops;
  • a few laughs, a few repeat plays, a reminder of how much I love the Fall and how few records of theirs I’ve bought since 1991, and then having it sit on the shelf

What I was not expecting:

  • a record that’s beyond enjoyable: it’s quite addictive, in a way I remember from when I first discovered the Fall – it makes other music sound a bit anemic and dull;
  • Jan and Andi getting out of the funky rut that made Radical Connector a bit less interesting than it could have been, and producing some really fiery music;
  • “The Rhinohead”, a summery pop song with a lyric that reminds me of Mervin Peake’s nonsense poetry; that’s not a name I ever thought I’d connect with MES but they both share a love for the unaccountable and the grotesque, and for letting the texture of language carry the meaning away with it;
  • That this would be MES’ best album since Bend Sinister (1986!)

One response to “Tromatic Reflexxions

  1. Best since ‘Middle Class Revolt’, more like…

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