Shakespearean Sonnet

Shakespearean in form only – ababcdcdefefgg, instead of the Petrarchan abbaabbacdecde. This was written before the election but I couldn’t post it in time.


Electoral Apathy

Election night grows each year more routine:
Australians only vote because we’re made to.
No-one apart from me and Mr Green
Could give a tinker’s damn (and he is paid to).
The knowing fools, the eaters of the lotus
Who flaunt their apathy – the very nerve –
The couch-contrarians and donkey-voters:
They get the cynic leaders they deserve.
And so do I, for I’ve not done my share:
I’ve never joined a party or a faction.
My high-horse rides above all that: I care
Enough to moan, but not enough for action.
My ennui at half-mast, theirs all unfurled,
But neither makes a difference to the world.


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